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Oracle Card Reading

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Oracle Card Reading Online

Oracle card reading free is a tool used for introspection or divination, based on your specific approach. Unlike traditional tarot decks, Modern Oracle Cards might include any number of cards. The most exciting thing about oracle cards is there are absolutely no rules and there are endless possibilities. On acquiring an oracle card reading course, you learn how to “follow your intuition.”

For novices, oracle cards can sometimes be more appealing. To put this at ease, Meera Bhattacharya introduces oracle card reading online. Her knowledge and expertise in one-card pulling can make your life better. To get an additional perspective of her readings, Meera also combines oracle card reading with tarot. So, what are you waiting for? Check out her oracle card reading prices and get your suitable one today. The possibilities are endless with oracle cards.

General guidance through Oracle Card

Oracle card reading is yet another powerful tool of divination that is popularly used to seek solutions to your problems. The answers to all your queries are obtained based on intuition, allowing you to connect with your higher self. Sometimes the solution to all your problems is out there but doesn’t quite reach you the way you can perceive it. This is where oracle card reading offers a helping hand.

Effective Reading Using Oracle Cards

Oracle card reading differs from Tarot reading in many ways. Unlike Tarot
reading, it doesn’t follow any specific rules. Oracle cards are not structured, no specific pattern for the spreads, and no rules for the number of cards and their meanings. Hence it gives better guidance than Tarot. The oracle reading can be made super effective by combining it with a Tarot reading. It enhances the clarity of the reading; thus, pinpoint reading is possible with this combination.

Get Special Answers Through Oracle Card

Oracle card reading layouts would give you the best answers if you ask your questions the right way. When you ask a question, you should be the one in control of the situation. Don’t think that some external power is controlling it. Oracle reading simply guides you so that YOU can change the outcome. Don’t give yourself away to an unseen force. You are in the driving seat and oracle cards are just like the map that is showing you the right way. You can ask the oracle cards questions like

  • What should I focus on under a particular circumstance?
  • What should I learn from a situation?
  • What action should I take to get the desired results?
  • What is it that I need to know about a particular day?

When you are asking these questions, you are connecting with your intuition which will indicate to you what you need to do. You are the one who has to take the action. Don’t ask for instructions, instead, ask for guidance. The Yes-or-No questions show your disempowerment, avoid such questions while knowing the oracle card reading meaning.

How Oracle Card Reading Works

Oracle card reading is considered one of the most sacred intuitive tools for connecting with oneself and receiving guidance from the universe. It brings forth the answers that you already know at your subconscious level. Your subconscious mind has more power and wisdom than your conscious mind. Each card in an oracle deck consists of an image, words, or a combination of these two, which will help to formulate the answer to your questions. You start by asking a question in the right way and drawing either a single card or in combinations. The oracle reading would help you to see what your logical mind can’t see. It helps you connect with the mystical realm where the energies around you guide your intuition. It will give you a clear picture of the future from where you are currently standing. Now you have the steering in your hand to move it to change your destination if you wish to. The result of the reading is based on the choices that you have made till this time. If you make changes in your choices, the result will automatically change. Remember that your happiness is your responsibility.

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  • You can also get your Lenormand card reading online

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