How Real Are Online Tarot Card Reading? Are They Accurate?

Well we can keep saying a lot of things in favor of online tarot card readings, and non-believers will keep negating all of those. So, let’s not go into that debate straight away. Instead, let me start with a quick real-life experience of my own. And by the end of it, I hope you all will get your answers.

So, during the pandemic, one of my clients was stuck abroad, while his parents were here in Kolkata. Nothing right was going on in his life, as he lost his brother to Covid, and then lost his job within a week. Since he was my old client, he contacted me and asked me for help.

Usually, he would come to my chamber in Kolkata whenever he was in town. But this time he was sitting in the States and I was at my home in Kolkata. So, I myself was a bit skeptical at first. But he was desperate. So he somehow convinced me to deliver an online tarot reading. 

Since he was well-versed in the process, he himself sent me his life situations and questions in an email format. The email was quite detailed. After that, we scheduled an online Zoom meeting for the reading, during which I predicted a tectonic shift in his life within the next 6 months. 

And the prediction actually turned out to be true! He lost his mother to Covid a month later and decided to take up a job in an Indian company. Ultimately he came back to India a year later, but the decision was taken within the six-month time period. 

This very incident inspired me to come up with an online tarot reading service for my clients. And as far as their accuracy is concerned, whoever executed it correctly got accurate results. 

Now, the execution of the process is really important here. And it depends on a lot of factors.

What Makes an Online Tarot Reading Accurate? 

Many people ask me this question, “Ma’am will I be able to rely on the online tarot readings?”. To all of them, I reply with the same answer – it depends on your belief in the process and your manifestations. Belief, manifestation, and connection are the three main factors behind an accurate online tarot reading. 

You need to believe in the process first. Tarot readings are always meant to show you the guiding light. You have to manifest it and take steps to turn it into reality. If you don’t work towards your goals, you will not be able to achieve them. 

Also, during the online tarot reading sessions, you need to be calm and try to form the right connection with your reader, your deck, and your universe. It would be difficult, at times a bit more difficult than the offline sessions, but it is definitely achievable. 

Pros and Cons of Online Tarot Readings

Online tarot readings have both pros and cons. Some of the major pros include:

  • Convenience: They can be done from anywhere across the globe. No need to travel to a physical location for your reading. 
  • Anonymity: If you are not comfortable opening up to someone in your first meeting, then online tarot reading is for you. You can even write a deep well-thought letter explaining your problems. And many times I have seen that some people feel more comfortable opening up about personal issues in online sessions, rather than someone they meet in person. 
  • Privacy: Many people feel if they go to meet a tarot reader physically, people in their family and friend circle will come to know about it. They might not want to reveal it to them. Online tarot reading gives them much-needed privacy. 
  • Accessibility: Due to online tarot readings, people can now have access to the best tarot card readers in India, even if they don’t stay in their city. 

But even with all these benefits, some people do complain about some shortcomings too, like:

  • Some people miss the energy or connection that can come from face-to-face reading.
  • Online readings can rely more on the interpretation of the reader,  and less on cues from your side. So you need to trust in the process. 

When Should You Consider Online Tarot Readings? 

If you are present in the same city as your preferred tarot reader and have no privacy concerns, you can definitely go for an offline appointment. But this might not be the case 90% of the time. You might live in different cities, even in different countries. You may also want to avoid face-to-face interaction. You might even be concerned about your privacy. 

In any of the above-mentioned scenarios, you should definitely go for an online tarot card reading. It is as reliable as the offline ones.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Options 

Nowadays, there are a lot of websites that offer online tarot reading services. But you need to be careful while choosing your options. I won’t deny it, people can face scams in the name of online tarot reading too.

So, before booking any online tarot session, do a thorough research and background check of the reader. And if you are already aware of some of the famous tarot card readers, go to their websites directly to book your session. 

You can even book an online tarot reading session from my website, Tarot With Meera. I would love to help you find answers to your life situations!

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