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Meera Satarupa Bhattacharya

Meera Satarupa Bhattacharya is one of the best tarot card readers in kolkata. She is an empathetic clairvoyant and psychic healer with a vast experience of more than 13 years in the occult. Apart from tarot card reading, Meera Satarupa Bhattacharya has an in-depth knowledge of Leronmand card reading that will provide you with the clarity to take you to great heights. Her considerable expertise in Oracle Card reading, Angel Card reading, Rune reading, Rune Casting, Bone Casting, and Tasseography has helped many of her clients to land their perfect life.

Meera Satarupa Bhattacharya works with energies using tools like dowser and pendulum. She connects with the divine to get information from the higher realm. According to the google reviews of her client, she predicts their habits, past events, and future with excellence. 

Life Directions Through Tea Leaf Reading

Are you just going on in your life aimlessly, without any clue what the future has in store for you? Then tea leaf reading or Tasseography is the solution for you. It is an ancient art of fortune-telling involving the interpretation of the patterns formed by the left-over tea leaves in a cup. It is based on directing your energies to get an answer. The best tea leaf reader in Kolkata can interpret the tea leaf
patterns to give you insights into your future.

A General Guide to clear All Your Confusions

A confused mind is never a progressing mind. The best tea leaf reader can help you to clear all these confusions that are blocking your way to a contented life, like

  • Should I do it now or later?
  • When will I meet my soulmate?
  • Is he/she my perfect partner?
  • When will I land my dream job?

In this fast modern life being a little future-ready is an added advantage.

How Does Tea Leaf Reading Work?

Tea leaf reading is a great tool for giving people the power to determine their own futures and take control of their lives. They can mirror both our previous experiences and the ones yet to come. The best tea leaf reader in Kolkata would start by taking the required quantity of tea leaves in a light-colored or white cup. Pour boiling water to fill 3/4th of the cup and let it rest for three minutes. Think about your intentions and allow your energy to be transferred to the absorbent tea leaves. Take slow sips while thinking of the question, till only a teaspoon of liquid remains. Swirl the cup three times in the air. Place a saucer upside down over the cup and flip it. Wait for a few moments and then slowly make it stand upright.

The handle of the cup represents you, and the reading has to be done in a clockwise direction from the handle. The patterns at the rim symbolize the present, the sides represent the near future and the bottom gives insight into the future. A general question would fetch a general answer. Hence to get a precise answer, ask questions with precision and clarity.

How Does Tea Leaf Reading Help You Making Decisions?

Making certain crucial life decisions can be overwhelming. What if there is a simple and easy way that will help you know your near future, and make it easier for you to decide? Doesn’t that sound like a relief? There are many ways to find
clues from the universe to get guidance. One of the most fascinating methods is to get it from Tea leaf reading. When a question is asked, your energy gets transferred to the movement of tea leaves. The leaves reveal hidden obstacles, offer advice on how to get rid of these obstacles, and even predict the future which is interpreted by the best tea leaf reader in Kolkata. Based on your questions, the interpretation of your tea leaf symbols will change. Though the practice may look simple, it can give profound results. Thanks to technology, now tea leaf reading online is possible too. So you can get the reading in the comfort of your home.

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